'Pick-Up-Towel-Talk' Quotes that can disappear with The New Indoor/Outdoor Marbite™ Towel Holder.

•'The towels blew into the lake overnight. Can you jump in and get them?'

•'Can you get out of your comfortable pool side chair, go inside and get some towels? I forgot to bring them out this morning?'

•Oh my gosh. We're in the hot tub, the neighbors have dropped in for a visit, and we don't have any towels.'

•'Barbecue juice when I flipped the burgers? It's ok. I'll just wipe it on my pants.'

•'Thanks for offering to dry. The tea towels are on the floor. No worries. Five Second rule. They'll still be clean enough.' 

•'Who stepped onto the bathroom floor soaking wet to pick up the bath towel that fell off the towel racks.....again?'

•'Why is that moldy towel on the bottom of your locker? Did it fall off the hooks again?'

•'Every time you work on that engine, it costs you a pair of pants. Look at that grease. Why don't you keep a rag handy? Do you have any idea how that grease ends up on the entire load in the washing machine?'

•'When my son brings his friends to the cottage, they use every towel in the place. I spend the entire week cleaning towels.  I wish each could have one towel and just leave them to dry at the dock.'

•'When I am cooking, I can never find my towel. It's on this counter, that counter, by the sink or on the floor. It would be great to have a spot where I could just reach to dry my hands and keep on cooking.'

•Sorry about the dog prints all over your clean floors. I didn't have a towel handy to wipe his paws when we came in.

Marbite Towel Holders are a great solution to eliminate all of these 'Pick-Up-Towel-Talk' quotes.