About Marbite.com and The Marbite™Towel Holder

The Marbite Indoor/Outdoor Towel Holder is now patent pending worldwide and we are shipping skid loads to larger customers and individually to on-line customers.

Marbite is named after a Marble that Bites a towel and won't let go until you gently pull up to the right or left. Two-hands-up to put towel on. One-hand-to-right-or-left to remove.

The Marbite is a new invention that reduces your space required to hold a towel from a foot or two, to 1.5 inches.  With the Marbite towel holders, towels don't fall on the floor anymore and for handy hand drying, the towel holds tight and you don't need to even pick up the towel.

It is a sensation and needs to be experienced. When we sell one, the customer comes back for more but it is important to try one to really understand how they work.

See some of our Videos to learn how people feel about them.

A great house gift, shop gift, tennis date gift and more.

We hope you will try the Marbite Indoor/Outdoor Towel Holder, now available on line worldwide and at Home Hardware and Bed Bath and Beyond Stores across Canada.