Great indoors and out, in all weather for campers, kitchens, baths, bars and boats.

Marbite Indoor/Outdoor Towel Holders are now patent pending worldwide, built with a polypropylene fiberglass mix (PPF) and stainless steel screw for all weather and salt water.  With the lock-in marble inside, your towel stays put until you pull up to the right or left to release. Keep your towels high and dry until you decide to release them quickly and easily.  Great for outdoors and inside as well.

ForTowels In Motion 

Marbite For Towels In Motion!

Marbite Towel Holders are fabulous for towels in motion.  Whether in a camper, around a hot tub, on the dock, in a sailboat, busy kitchen, dog door or bathroom, with Marbite Towel Holders, you can keep your towels handy and they stay put, even tested in a 100+ MPH wind storm. Built with PPF and stainless steel, they can stand extreme heat and cold and no rusting on your fabrics, salt water or fresh water.  Try one, we suggest.

Marbite Towel Holders hold towels tight in for RV's and Boats.

Keep towels air fresh  where you swim.

Outdoor sport towels stay high and dry.