The Indoor/Outdoor Marbite Polypropylene/FiberglassTowel Holder

Marbite Towel Holders are now available at retail locations and on line.   When you purchase at your favourite retail location, each patent pending Marbite Indoor/Outdoor Towel Holder is contained in a clam shell with a folded card inside, including visual instructions. When you order on line, the Marbites come wrapped in the instructions. Marbite is proud of its association with Home Hardware Stores and Bed Bath and Beyond stores across Canada in addition to various independent retailers. If you have a favorite retailer in our country, please show them this site so you can buy direct from them as well.

This line above  is now available at Bed Bath and Beyond  stores across Canada.

This line is now available at Home Hardware Stores across Canada and, 'on line'.